Attract more fans, followers and customers...

Without having to become some online marketing expert!

Most people have no idea.

  • I started a business and ended up homeless.
  • Rebuilt that into a multi-million dollar company with no experience
  • Help large international brands create more fans, followers and customers
  • Help business owners do the same without having to learn marketing


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Let's face it as a business owner or leader we have a million things to do and we feel like we have to do so much of it ourselves.

The top of the list though is getting more customers and sales BUT you should spend your time where you're most valuable, skilled and passionate! Not learning some other skill like marketing.

Sometimes it feels like we have to learn how to become some kind of online marketing expert to grow our businesses or get awkward with cold calls.

Or maybe just keep throwing stuff at the wall hoping we get more customers but never really knowing what's working.

The thing is though that large international brands are only spending 30% of total marketing online. They know that branded interactions create raving fans, followers and customers that are more likely to spend.

We've been sold an idea that we have to be online but that isn't true. Yes online is good but it isn't where businesses should start.

At Kick Ass Media we work with large brands like Google, Disney, 20th Century Fox, LG Electronics and many more including marketing firms across North America we aren't allowed to talk about.

We help brands grow followers and get more followers... 

Without having to do: Online marketing, SEO, Social Media Posting, Email Campaigns, Landing pages, analytics and testing and on and on and on.

I want to share with you an easier, cheaper and less time consuming way to grow your business.

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